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Abbie's random tune

Once a month, Abbie presents a fun session called ‘Random Tune!’. Using the random tune button on the website, tutor and student have no idea what will come up! Whatever it is, we work on it and discuss various aspects of flute technique that might need our attention, such as articulation, tone, virtuosity, phrasing, colour or breathing. It’s excellent sight-reading practice too - it might be a tough study/etude, standard flute piece or old folk tune - we never know what will come up!

Next date:

Thursday April 4th at 5pm

All sessions are recorded on Zoom, so if you can't make it (or if you wish to rewatch it) - we will send the recording (included in the price). Please just email to request this. 


When you have booked, you will soon be sent a Zoom link for the session by email. 

These classes are just £10 per session unless you are in the eflute academy (in which case they are free). Payment can be made below (or with BACS to our bank account - details: SORT CODE 09-01-27, ACCOUNT NUMBER 89210688, Account name: Flute School London.) 

Book here:

This includes the recording of the Zoom session if you would like it - either instead of attending, or as well as.  Please just email us if you would like the recording. 

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