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is a flute, piano and theory teacher. She began her musical adventures at the age of nine, and hasn't looked back since. She decided early on that music was the only way to go and studied flute performance at Stellenbosch University, thoroughly enjoying student life and the gorgeous mountains of Stellenbosch and Cape Town.

After university she began teaching flute at Sans Souci Girls' High School, but soon caught the travel bug and left for the United Kingdom.

After a detour into IT and working in a London radio station for a few years, she decided that her skill set and happy place really was not to be found staring at a computer screen all day, but rather in starting a family, collecting dogs and playing music.

One husband, one daughter and two border terriers later, she decided to go back into music teaching and performing and has thoroughly enjoyed building up her teaching studio and finding opportunities to play her flute.

She has performed concerts in Johannesburg, Cape Town, London and France, as well as playing with the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra, Stellenbosch Symphony Orchestra, All Saints Orchestra Langham Place and the Sutton Symphony Orchestra. She has also played flute and piccolo in The Wizard of Oz with the Oxted Operatic Society and has assisted at The London Flute School both in London and France.

She has had masterclasses with both Trevor Wye and Susan Milan. 

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